LG: two new InstaView smart refrigerators


LG Electronics presented at the last edition of CES two new InstaView smart refrigerators: LG InstaView with Craft Ice and the second-generation LG InstaView ThinQ. The first product includes a built-in ice maker that produces spherical ice which melts much more slowly. The company rolled out it in the United States, and the product will be available in additional markets in 2020. Besides, in 2020 LG will be upgrading its top-of-the-line InstaView refrigerators with second generation ThinQ technology. Food items placed inside or removed from the refrigerator – including the Door-in-Door and crisper drawers – will be tracked with advanced vision and artificial intelligence for real-time inventory of what’s inside at any given moment. With this information, the new LG InstaView ThinQ fridge will be able to offer helpful meal suggestions based on available ingredients. The smarter technology will even alert homeowners when they’re running low on items and suggest options for reordering them. The smarter 2020 LG InstaView’s transparent front panel does more than just let users peer inside without opening the door and letting cold air escape. The panel doubles as a 22-inch display to browse the internet and watch cooking videos via Wi-Fi without a separate smartphone or tablet. Both LG InstaView models offer Proactive Customer Care service, LG’s ThinQ AI-infused smart customer service solution. The service provides consumers personalized support, by offering helpful tips to maximize performance and proactively alerting users about potential issues.


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