Candy launched the #Hygiene and #SimplyStayHome campaigns


As highlighted by Candy, the Covid-19 emergency forces people to stay at home with a greater need to use the household appliances, starting from the need to wash and sanitize clothing, dishes and kitchenware. Candy wants to demonstrate its proximity to the consumers by launching the #Hygiene and #SimplyStayHome campaigns on its website and on its social networks. The two initiatives are designed to illustrate the features and the sanitizing abilities of its products in order to ensure that everyone can use them in the best way staying safe at home. Hygiene and SimplyStayHome – which include updated landing pages on the website, advertising banners on Amazon and a constant activity on Candy’s social networks with a daily editorial plan – tell in an intuitive and simple way how to best use the appliances in addition to suggest how to spend the time at home.