Panasonic: 9 social trends in the new normal


Panasonic has highlighted nine societal trends for the new normal across five relevant themes: air quality, personal care, healthy eating, entertainment, and keeping in touch. Some of the findings reflect changes that were already happening – but that global events have accelerated – while others present wholly new challenges. Here are the trends and the related solutions offered by Panasonic to meet consumers’ needs.

Trend 1: Ambient wellness
As we ease into a “new normal” people will want to remain safe, with homes and businesses installing health-boosting technologies. Panasonic commercial and consumer air conditioning products and new air purifiers feature Nanoe X technology, which uses Hydroxyl Radicals – known as nature’s detergent – to purify the air. These molecules are added to nano-sized water particles that the product spreads to every corner of the room.

Trend 2: Personal care at home
With barbers and salons closed or at reduced capacity because of social distancing, people began to do the hair care and grooming at home. Panasonic’s hair dryers use Nanoe technology to keep hair looking healthy and shiny. Besides, Panasonic trimmers, like the SC60, use a high-tech linear motor similar to that used in maglev trains to deliver high cutting performance.

Trend 3: Healthy eating at home
Families are cooking healthier meals, many to make up for reduced daily exercise caused by working from home. Panasonic’s Experience Fresh range of kitchen appliances combine cutting-edge technology with Japanese healthy cooking know-how. For example, the Japanese have a long tradition of cooking with steam because of its health-promoting benefits. The new CS89 combi steam oven is Panasonic’s most powerful yet, letting user steam two food trays simultaneously.

Trend 4: No-waste cooking
We’re trying harder to use up all the ingredients in our cupboards. According to a recent survey by John Lewis and Waitrose, around a quarter of Britons say they’re trying harder to use up all of their food, including those ingredients sometimes left at the back of the cupboard – including long-lasting foods like flour, dried fruits, nuts, spices and seeds. Panasonic’s Croustina breadmaker is ideal for using such ingredients to make fresh bread, or even pizza dough.

Trend 5: We’re watching more TV and at different times of the day
BARB data shows a steep increase in TV viewing from 4pm onwards, reflecting the trend of more of us working from home. Watching TV with plenty of ambient light causes the pupils to contract, making images on screen appear darker than when viewed in perfectly dark environments. Panasonic’s TVs are suitable for daylight viewing because they support two features that automatically optimise the TV’s picture for the time of day, while delivering the intended picture quality: Dolby Vision IQ and Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing.

Trend 6: We’re streaming more than ever
Panasonic explains that a research shows a third of people are spending 3+ hours a day watching video on demand services, with the average household having signed up to at least two streaming services during the lockdown. Panasonic offers TVs that are both Netflix Calibrated – to ensure complete accuracy to the creators’ artistic intent – and certified as Netflix Recommended because they deliver a better experience for Netflix and other apps thanks to their ease of use and having passed a series of rigorous performance tests, among other features.

Trend 7: Staying in contact with the vulnerable
Panasonic reported that sales of landline phones have surged 80 percent as people talk more with elderly relatives. In many countries the elderly are still classified in the vulnerable category, restricted from meeting up with family or friends. Accordingly, retailers such as John Lewis & Partners have reported that sales of landline phones have rocketed as a means to keep in touch. Panasonic proposes a line of home cordless and mobile phones designed for older people, which feature large backlit keys, simple menus, loud volume dials, and even GPS buttons to send your location directly to a contact.

Trend 8: Working from home (WFH)
Nearly 4-in-10 Europeans began “WFH” as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, with experts saying this is the start of a permanent shift. The new normal will see more people working from home than ever, with a commensurate rise in video conferencing apps. Panasonic’s S500W True Wireless Headphones are ideal for such professionals.

Trend 9: Social media usage is booming
From keeping up with the news to sharing sourdough recipes. Our use of social media networks has soared recently, accelerating an already dominant trend, with thousands of us sharing cooking tips and recipes. Panasonic’s LUMIX G100 camera can record cooking vlogs, with directional sound so user can talk to the audience from in front or behind the camera.