The excellence of VDE Global Services Italy at Fabriano

Image: VDE website

At Fabriano, VDE Global Services Italy offers a wide range of technical service solutions for household appliances and commercial devices as well as automatic electrical controls for domestic use. “We support manufacturers of household appliances and commercial devices as well as automatic electrical controls in Italy who not only want to launch their products in the local market but in the international one as well – the website of VDE Global Services Italy explains -. Furthermore, we offer testing and certification according to international procedures and advise clients on standards and guidelines. During the entire testing and certification process, our competent employees assist clients both technically and administratively. In collaboration with local partner laboratories and the resulting opportunity to conduct tests directly in Italy, we not only reduce the test cycle times and thus, the test duration as a whole, but costs as well. Furthermore, VDE Global Services conducts a detailed and personalized evaluation of each customer, including and primarily from an economic standpoint”. The presence of VDE Global Services at Fabriano demonstrates VDE’s interest in investing in Italy and the Fabriano branch is the only one in Europe in addition to the parent company in Germany. Now VDE Global Services Italy looks ahead and, as reported by Radio Gold, among the projects for the future expressed by Marcello Manfredi, Managing Director VDE Global Services Italy, there is also the idea of creating a synergy with the VDE branches in China, Japan and Korea by organizing a meeting at Fabriano. Another objective expressed by Manfredi is to grow both in terms of turnover and human resources, with new hires by 2023. All this overcoming the difficulties linked to the lack of adequate infrastructures that allow customers to easily reach Fabriano, in addition to the problems encountered in finding highly specialized profiles at local level. The service offered by VDE Global Services are: Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), EMF, radio; energy efficiency and ecodesign; inspection and monitoring; international service and market access; usability and functionality; pre-compliance for new product; product safety; specific training for standard EN/IEC 60335 and informational training regarding the European Directives; support to get accreditation of the lab witness test by Italian Engineer Inspection and Quality System ISO 9001.


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