Bora Professional 3.0 and Bora X Pure win German Design Award


Bora Professional 3.0 and Bora X Pure have both won the prestigious German Design Award for 2021. Bora Professional 3.0 is a modular system that can be customised to meet customer requirements. Its design highlight is the subtle, stainless-steel control knob with a black glass front and sensitive touch-operated surface with a high-definition, white LED display. The removable stainless steel ring and optimised LED display not only visually enhance the knob but also enlarge the touch-operated area. All functions are easily, conveniently and intuitively activated by twisting the knob and tapping the central touch-operated surface. Besides, the design of the air inlet nozzle on the Bora X Pure is what makes it stand out. It is slightly recessed into the centre of the cooktop and can be twisted to create various looks. The innovative eSwap system allows filters to be changed swiftly and easily from the top through the air inlet opening. The cooktop extractor, cooktops and functions are compactly controlled via a central touch operating panel (sControl) with a vertical touch slider. “We’ve created something really quite special with the Bora Professional 3.0 and the Bora X Pure, and we’re absolutely delighted that our efforts are being acknowledged with double awards – said Bora’s founder Willi Bruckbauer -. The Bora concept started a major trend that continues to influence the entire kitchen industry. And what’s even better is that not only do our products’ functionality and technology earn us top recognition, our designs do too”.


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