Samsung tells how AirDresser was born


Samsung AirDresser makes it easy to manage delicate clothing items right from home, delivering deodorization, pollutant removal, wrinkle care and drying functions in a plug-in device. It offers the “Delicates cycle” for materials like chiffon and lace and the “Special cycles” which are customized for items like down jackets, outdoor wear and school uniforms. Besides, the appliance includes “Sanitize cycle” that uses high-powered steam to remove germs and allergens from items like bedding and babywear. How did this new device come about? Chul-Kie Park and YunKyung Kim from the Living Product Planning Group at Samsung Electronics’ Digital Appliances Business tell the story behind the AirDresser and how it is reimagining the garment care.

YunKyung Kim (left) and Chul-Kie Park, Living Product Planning Group at Samsung Electronics’ Digital Appliances Business.

What brought about the development of the AirDresser? What were some important considerations regarding its development?
Chul-Kie Park: Today people are bringing more aspects of their lives into their homes. Consumers can now make restaurant-quality meals in their own kitchens and work out at home like they’re exercising with professional trainers. However, until now, this convenience had not spread to the area of clothing care. People still had to take their delicate and specialty clothing items to professional cleaners – trips which are often onerous and expensive. Consumers across the globe also have increasingly high standards for personal hygiene these days, meaning that demand is high for a quick and easy solution that can remove pollutants from clothes that have been worn outdoors. To answer this call, we developed a device that is both powerful and easy to use. With the AirDresser users just need to fill the water tank and plug the product into a standard electrical outlet to begin refreshing their clothes inside and out. The powerful, high-temperature steam produced by the AirDresser enables the solution’s “Sanitize cycle”, which eliminates 99.9% of certain types of bacteria and helps prevent pollutants from the outdoors from compromising your home environment. And to make things even easier, the “Self Clean” function minimizes the need for hands-on cleaning.

How do you predict the AirDresser will come to positively impact consumers’ lives?
YunKyung Kim: The AirDresser makes it simple to refresh clothes at home, at any time. With this advanced device, users no longer have to shy away from buying or cleaning clothes that are made from specialty materials like leather, as the AirDresser provides customized care for a range of sensitive materials. For frequently worn items like school uniforms and coats, consumers can make a habit of hanging their clothes up in the AirDresser as soon as they get home. By the next day, their garments will all be refreshed and ready to be worn again.
Chul-Kie Park: The “Sanitize cycle” was a particular draw for DINK (double income, no kids) couples who wear business attire to work, have busy schedules, and are also very health-conscious. But even beyond that, the AirDresser has a wide range of features and services to suit users in all stages of life. For families with young children, for instance, the AirDresser offers cycles that are designed to care for soft toys, bedding and babywear.

What special features and capabilities set the AirDresser apart?
YunKyung Kim: My personal favorite is the “Inner Fabric Care” capability. This function sends powerful air through the inside of your garments using the AirDresser’s specialized “Air hanger”, refreshing each garment inside and out. This allows the product to remove unseen bacteria and odors from the parts of your clothing that actually make contact with your skin. “Care Recipe” is another feature worth noting. Accessible through the SmartThings smartphone app, users can select their fabric and garment type and receive tailored cycle recommendations. The “Standard cycle” is often sufficient for everyday garments, but the “Care Recipe” feature can really go a long way toward making your specialty items last longer.
Chul-Kie Park: Some other SmartThings features I like are “My Closet”, “Special Course” and “Home Care”. While “My Closet” stores details for each item and suggests courses for them, ‘
“Special Course” allows you to download and store cycles, while “Home Care” remotely identifies problems and provides troubleshooting services. But this is only the beginning. With the AirDresser, users can access their frequently selected cycles and tailor cycles based on seasonal needs, ensuring that they always have a clothing care system to match their specific circumstances. And to top it all off, the AirDresser is a beautifully designed device that runs discreetly and quietly, making it an excellent complement to your home environment.

Why was now the time for the AirDresser?
YunKyung Kim: Since the introduction of electronic washing machines and dryers, the world of clothing maintenance has been waiting for the next big leap forward. The AirDresser is just that, refreshing and deodorizing using just air and steam. I expect that the AirDresser will go on to become an essential home appliance just like the washing machine and dryer. The AirDresser is also important because it empowers consumers to care for their garments on their own terms. Whether your main concern is your kids’ soccer uniforms or tailored suits – whether you do laundry once a week or thrice a week, the AirDresser is a great complement to your routine that offers daily freshness for your entire wardrobe, whenever you need it.


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