GlassdraftAir: contemporaneity interpreted by Siemens


Siemens glassdraftAir combines technological performance and seamless design that elegantly adapts to open space kitchens. The product meets the most recent trends, where the kitchen environment opens up and becomes one with the living. GlassdraftAir is equipped with Guided Air, a technology developed by BSH and able to control the airflow of fumes and vapors: an air curtain is created behind the glass, improving airflow and guaranteeing optimal and quiet extraction performance from all cooking zones. In addition, via WiFi, the hood is directly connected to the hob and the two appliances together, thanks to the climateControl and cookConnect sensors, automatically measure the amount of fumes and odors in the air. The extraction performance is combined with the clean and refined design of the glass panel, which emerges only when in use, thus optimizing the space. Thanks to the emotionLight pro technology, glassdraftAir allows user to create the right atmosphere at any time, harmonizing with the consumer’s mood and the style of the kitchen: with a choice of nine colors it is possible to illuminate the glass with a beam of LED light. Besides, the user can also create a custom color using the Home Connect app. The product is equipped with iQdrive brushless motor and cleanAir Plus filter. Finally, the design of the appliance simplifies the cleaning: the glass is easily removable and the grease filters, thanks to a hydraulic system that automatically brings them to the level of the glass, come out from the bottom allowing them to be washed in the dishwasher.


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