Slim-Luxelt, collaborative approach to innovation


Luxelt, a company that develops customized PCBs, has been collaborating with Slim (specialized in electrical, electrotechnical and electromechanical components) for a long time to work out high-efficiency LEDs and SMDs. “In 2020 – Slim explains – Luxelt has designed and produced the smallest LED circuit ever made before, which we are using for the new series of micro spotlights able to be adapted to the needs of our customers operating in different production sectors, among which those of coffee machines, food-equipment (ovens, hoods, hobs) and vending machines. We turned to Luxelt for the supply of the microlight electronic circuit mainly for the winning combination of high efficiency and small size which allow adaptation to the final products. Initially, we asked Luxelt for samples that were useful for a broader evaluation of the product, which highlighted the following advantages: speed with which the customer can insert them in his final application; customization that we can carry out on our plastic cases according to the needs of our customers; low consumption of the LED source in relation to its luminous efficiency; low working temperatures of the LED circuit; low costs that allow us to satisfy a wider range of customers. These first samples have allowed us to work on the standard plastic case, which we will always have the ability to customize to best suit the final application. Furthermore, we have provided for the waterproofing of the spotlight so that it can be inserted inside all those applications in which it will not be possible to guarantee the absence of water or humidity at the point of application during the operation or stand-by phase, or in the phases of transport and storage”.