InSinkErator presents NeoChiller


On the occasion of the World Water Day, InSinkErator presents NeoChiller, the new system that allows user to obtain filtered and chilled water instantly and that matches the wide range of kitchen taps of the US brand. NeoChiller delivers perfectly chilled and filtered water, without flavors and odors, at a temperature between 3°C and 10°C, helping to reduce the use of plastic bottles. In addition, the product is compatible with the 4N1 Touch, C1100, FHC3010 and FHC3020 models and can deliver up to 7 liters of water per hour. By combining NeoChiller and the 4N1 Touch tap it is possible to have: normal hot and cold water, filtered cold water adjustable by pressing the button (the flow lasts 30 seconds, but if the user wants to stop it, a second touch of the button will stop it immediately), very hot filtered water at a temperature approaching the boiling point (99°C), filtered chilled water.