Easing the understanding of the new label


Electrolux remarks the importance to ease the understanding of the new EU energy label for home appliances. As reported by the company, 8 in 10 consumers in Europe recognize the EU energy label and consult it when buying home appliances. Thanks to the supply and demand of energy saving products, energy consumption and energy costs of appliances have drastically been reduced. The majority of products are already in the 2-3 top classes. At the same time, this makes it more difficult for consumers to distinguish the most efficient products. “As a global leader in sustainability, Electrolux wants to help consumers to save resources every day – says Viktor Sundberg, VP European & Environmental Affairs -. We’re creating outstanding, sustainable consumer experiences that go beyond simply choosing an appliance based on the E-label. As the new scale may initially be confusing it is very important for us to ease the understanding of the new label logic among consumers”. From 1st March 2021, the new EU energy label has been introduced for washing machines, washer driers, dish washers and cooling appliances sold in Europe. New energy labels for tumble dryers, ovens, hoods, and air-conditioners will be implemented in a few years’ time. The E-label is designed to help consumers differentiate better between more technologically advanced home appliances. The EU legislators have decided to rescale the current label from A to G, thereby removing the classes A+ to A+++. A QR code has been added to the new label for more information on the product (through the EU product database EPREL).


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