Faringosi: innovation in hinges


Technology and functionality distinguish the products of Faringosi, a company (part of the Sabaf Group) that produces hinges for ovens (domestic and professional), washing machines and dishwashers. Among the most advanced solutions developed by Faringosi are the hidden cam hinges and the motorized hinges. At the heart of the brand’s philosophy is the desire to create extremely advanced products and, upon request, also customized. “Often, in the kitchen, there is a tendency to give more prominence to the appearance, neglecting the importance of the less visible elements which are often the essential ones. Our hinges – says Alberto Cancarini of Faringosi Hinges – are the result of constant, uninterrupted research, aimed above all at improving the functioning of the product and, ultimately, the daily life of people. They are essential elements of any modern kitchen. The strength of our company is based on the know-how acquired over the years, since 1965, but our look is constantly oriented to the future”.


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