Coiltech promotes the webinars of the Coil&Winding industry

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, companies have intensified their use of webinars to keep in touch with their business partners and to present technical innovations. For this reason Coiltech offers a complimentary service to the Coil&Winding industry: the promotion of the webinars organized by the companies of the sector. «The evaluation of our market research “Experiences with online events” in December 2020 shows: many companies advertise their webinars by e-mail to their customers and potential customers (whom they have often met at trade fairs) – the Coiltech organizers explains -. Advertising on a larger scale is mostly out of the question because of an unbalanced cost-benefit ratio. That is why we have created this information page. Manufacturers of electric motors, alternators and transformers inform about their online presentations and how the people concerned can register for the events». At this link the scheduled webinars.


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