Gaggenau: new flex induction cooktop with ventilation system


Gaggenau launched the new flex induction cooktop with integrated ventilation system (400 series). The 90 cm appliance offers precise, fast and flexible cooking with low energy consumption paired with an integrated ventilation. Frameless and flush fitting, the expansive sheet of black glass blends seamlessly into the modern kitchen with a distinct design difference: control knobs in black. The ventilation system can be set to automatically vent the air whenever in use. Available in air recirculation or air extraction mode, it can determine its own power level based on the vapour detected in the atmosphere and can continue when no longer being used. “Energy efficient, powerful motors – the company explains – work in tandem with airflow ducting to ensure minimal volume of both noise and space, but maximum effectiveness: odours are removed during air recirculation thanks to the activated charcoal filters. Besides, exceptional cuisine requires precision cooking and perfect frying results. The flex induction cooktop achieves both. The cooktop offers expandable cooking zones that utilise the ingenious flex induction technology, allowing the private chef to cook like a professional. Cooking areas can be increased to accommodate large pots and pans up to 30 cm in width. All this flexibility does not dilute the strength. The booster function of these cooktops will temporarily raise the power from 3300 W to 3700 W for truly searing heat. There is a keep warm function, and a frying sensor that maintains an even heat, reducing the chance of burning”. The product is equipped with the Home Connect app.