GfK: the Eco Active consumers increase

Image by anncapictures from Pixabay

According to the #WhoCaresWhoDoes research by GfK, the Eco Active consumers increased in 2020, ie those who feel responsible for the environment and are changing their purchasing behavior. At a European level, this segment reaches 24% and Germany is the country with the highest number of Eco Active consumers (38%). In Italy, these consumers are 23% of the total. According to GfK, by 2025 the Eco Active consumers will be 40% of the total worldwide. However, according to GfK data, the gap between intentions and actions is still wide: for example, at an international level 66% of people declare that they intend to buy products with sustainable packaging, but only 20% of Eco Active consumers do daily actions to reduce the consumption of plastic packaging. Furthermore, a certain uncertainty emerges in recognizing companies’ attention level to the environment. In fact, internationally only 22% of consumers are able to cite a sustainable brand spontaneously. A percentage that rises to 31% among the Eco Active consumers. What are the companies most cited as “environmentally friendly”? In 42% of cases these are brands born with a clear green identity, while in second place there are multinationals (36%). Only in 22% of cases a small local brand is mentioned: this is certainly an area where there is still ample room for growth.