COOKING APPLIANCES: the opinion of Beko and Grundig

Camilla Sgorbani, Product Manager Built-in of Beko and Grundig

“In Beko, electronic components are the focus of the evolution and innovation course in the induction world – says Camilla Sgorbani, Product Manager Built-in of Beko and Grundig -: we work at the implementation of simultaneously highly performing and silent products, characterized by a homogeneous distribution of power levels, able to recognize as many pans and pots as possible and provided with smart reactive zones that can be activated, deactivated and mutually combined in fully automated manner. Touch Direct Control+ controls are elegant, user-friendly and of immediate use: when off, they are completely invisible but it is enough to graze the ignition key to illuminate the control panel that controls any cooking zone directly, it allows choosing among 15 power levels and permits to operate the timer or to start the Booster function. Moreover, the IndyFlex+ technology assures utmost flexibility for an optimal use of the hob surface: each cooking zone, with 9.3x20cm size, is independent but it can be connected to the adjacent one, to suit perfectly large pans and pots, too. Besides, smart Beko induction hobs, through Wi-Fi connection, enable the remote control and monitoring, management of power levels and flexibility of cooking zones, access to tips&tricks through Wizard personal assistant (present inside the HomeWhiz app), notifications for a correct maintenance, visibility of data concerning performance and historical filing of activities and use. Moreover, the Power Management function, equipping the whole range, allows limiting the household appliance’s energy consumption: it is in fact possible to set up the absorbed power by choosing among 9 different levels. Finally, the EasyFit function allows installing the appliance in few seconds: the clips mounted on the sides make the hob stable and safe, avoiding the use of the screwdriver.

Beko HII88810NTI hob, controlled by Touch Direct Control+ display

Regarding Grundig, among the innovative technologies implemented in our ovens, we can mention the Multitaste system, which allows cooking three different dishes simultaneously, without mixing tastes and flavours. Through some holes on lateral walls, the air inside the oven slides horizontally and circulates uniformly, assuring a more homogeneous food cooking. Besides, the Divide&Cook technology offers the possibility of cooking two completely different recipes at the same time, with different temperatures and cooking times, by means of two distinct fans installed in the rear wall of the oven. This system permits to operate just one of the two cavities, determining a noteworthy energy saving, with benefits for the Planet and the bill. Furthermore, we have introduced some smart functions to grant professional performances at home. Such as the Meat Optimiser, the meat probe equipping some of our ovens for a simple accurate control of the dish cooking level. Or the Pizza Gourmet technology, which allows obtaining a true Neapolitan pizza in just 5 minutes”.

Grundig Combi Steam (18 functions in all) offers three humidity levels, Full Steam, Meat Optimiser etc.


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