Bora’s new products for the kitchen


Bora’s new products for the kitchen include the BORA X BO steam oven and the BORA multiple drawer. As for the oven, the extraction of the cooking vapors is innovative. By acting in synergy with the activated carbon odor filter, it allows user to cook without odors and avoids the steam comes out when the door is opened. Additional features are: the swiveling touch display, the automatic cleaning and the multilevel LED lighting. The steamer, equipped with W-LAN and Bluetooth connections, also has a food thermometer with 4 detection points. There is also the possibility of combining the oven with the BORA multiple drawer, which can also be managed directly from BORA X BO. The multiple drawer heats, keeps warm, defrosts and cooks at a low temperature. It has an elegant “All Black” design and thanks to the personalized configuration of the front, it fits almost imperceptibly into the style of the kitchen.
In addition to these two products, Bora offers the BORA S Pure hob with integrated hood. Compact and elegant, it measures only 60 cm in width and is therefore ideal for small kitchens. It has four cooking zones arranged asymmetrically, which cover all the most common sizes of pots. The extractor, under which the highly efficient activated carbon odor filter is located, is available in six different colors. In automatic mode, the air extraction adjusts according to the cooking process, making the manual intervention unnecessary. Finally, BORA S Pure presents advanced functions: keep warm, child protection, automatic cooking start etc. As for cleaning, all components can be easily removed and washed in the dishwasher.