COOKING APPLIANCES: Fulgor Milano’s opinion

Paolo Mainardi, Brand Manager of Fulgor Milano

“Technology must be always developed with the target of obtaining a facilitated interaction for users, reducing operation consumptions and improving appliances’ performances (in particular shorter managed cooking times and flexibility in the hob use, with pans of different, even large, sizes) – explains Paolo Mainardi, Brand Manager of Fulgor Milano -. Among the components equipping our products, I would like to highlight the timer for the management of cooking times, integrated into the gas hobs of the Cluster Concept Series, as well as the new Wave Touch control display integrated into the induction hobs of the FCLH series.

Detail of the timer installed in gas hobs of the Cluster Concept Series by Fulgor Milano

The timed management of cooking times improves the interaction with users and facilitates the achievement of expected results: this is obtained by inserting a dedicated timer for each cooking zone that, combined with the backlit knobs, allows users to visualize the operation of each single area at any time. Backlit knobs change the colour of the underlying transparent ring, according to the on/off status of the burner. Concerning instead the Wave Touch control display, available in the FCLH 9008 ID TF BK multi-zone induction hob, it is the core of setting and starting up activities of the appliance. It allows users to select the use languages, to choose the combination of the different cooking zones depending on the sizes of the pan used, to choose the pre-set temperatures, to set up cooking times, to use the cooking zones in the same recipe with consequent power levels and to file power levels in case of a pause during the cooking activity”.

Wave Touch display, integrated into FCLH hobs by Fulgor Milano


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