EMC’s commitment to R&D


EMC designs and produces electrical asynchronous motors and blower systems for domestic use. Constant research, bent towards the optimization of aeraulic flow for domestic blowers, is dedicated to the improvement of current european standards, within the established rules of European Energy Labels. “Along the years – the company explains – we applied our deep knowledge of electrical motors and blowing systems to the domestic market, achieving goals of excellency in regards of energy efficiency, performance, noise and product reliability”. “The Research & Development section – EMC adds – keeps constantly designing new projects, including custom ones in collaboration with our customers, with a focus on understanding and solving the problems brought forth by the use of each product. Thanks to its deep knowledge of aeraulic flows for domestic blowers, together to the ability of designing and producing electrical motors within the company itself, the Research & Development section achieved constant improvements and innovations in its products. This earned our company multiple invention patents in the field of high energy-efficiency blowers“. Besides, EMC owns a fully equipped laboratory for the characterization and design of electric motors. “Our laboratory is fully equipped with the proper instrumentation to meet the needs for competence, in terms of testing Ecodesign performance, as expected by the European Community regulation n. 65/2014 validated on October, 1st, 2013, and n. 66/2014 validated on January, 14th, 2014, setting the executive measures of the 2009/125/CE directive – the company concludes -. Safety tests are implemented as per the rules defined by IEC 60335-1; IEC60335-2-31”.