Haier presented the #ConnectToExtraordinary campaign


Presented in live streaming from the Haier Europe showroom, the #ConnectToExtraordinary campaign was created to tell the new product ranges in an innovative way and to emphasize the link between Haier and connectivity. The initiative, which began last May with a television scheduling and an outdoor billboard plan for Milan and Naples, now lands on social and digital channels with the Influencer Marketing campaign, a video campaign and the display advertising campaign. “Born from the desire to tell the premiumness of a brand that increasingly embraces the Zero Distance to Consumer philosophy, through an ecosystem of connected products equipped with artificial intelligence that guarantee a tailor-made experience, the campaign – explains the company – it was designed to foster the brand awareness, bring out the brand values and communicate the strong link of the brand with the Internet of Things“. Focused on the concept of “continuous discovery” and interaction, #ConnectToExtraordinary plays on what is hidden inside each product, which is revealed and enhanced by the intuitive interface made available by the hOn app, which guarantees an immersive experience that accompanies the user to discover the Haier world. Connectivity, therefore, not only as an additional feature, but as a multiplier and facilitator of experiences, as illustrated in the presentation of Haier’s first connected refrigerator, 3D 70 Series 7, which thanks to artificial intelligence and the hOn app optimizes the technologies to preserve food and offers a series of functions capable of realizing the concept of “tailor-made” appliances for every type of need.