Polti: Steam Disinfection Devices obtain the SIMA Verified mark


A new milestone for Polti: all the Steam Disinfection Devices of the brand have obtained the prestigious scientific validation by SIMA (Italian Society of Environmental Medicine), a body that deals with preserving human health by promoting actions that limit human interventions to the environment detriment. “After the various tests and studies that demonstrate the disinfectant efficacy of the Polti appliances, the patents obtained over the years and the recent compliance with the Steam Disinfection Devices standard according to the AFNOR NF T72-110 rule for the professional line Polti Sani System, Polti Vaporetto MV and the Polti Vaporetto Pro models for the domestic channel – commented the company -, this recognition is a further confirmation of how Polti’s steam disinfection has no contraindications for humans and the environment, since it does not use toxic substances, but only tap water“.