Miele: further progress towards sustainability in the appliances


At its virtual press conference, Miele placed the focus on further improvements to the environmental and climate friendliness of its products. “Right now, everybody is talking about sustainability but at Miele sustainability has been a corporate principle put into practice ever since the company was founded 122 years ago”, said Reinhard Zinkann, Executive Director and Co-Proprietor of the Miele Group together with Markus Miele. Sustainable features offering great user convenience are at the forefront of the product innovations Miele presented at its press conference. This starts with the most environmentally and climate-friendly tumble dryers the company has ever built. As a result, the new GreenPerformance campaign model undercuts the threshold value for the top A+++ energy efficiency rating by a further 10%. Add to this a new floor module which, thanks to an innovative production process, uses 30% less material without compromising the stability of this subassembly. The new DryCare 40 programme option contributes towards the gentlest fabric care, allowing even extremely delicate textiles to be dried without the least worry as long as they can be washed at a temperature of 40°C or higher. The GreenPerformance model, like almost all other Miele dryers, will use the climate-friendly R290 coolant. Besides, better climate protection – and lower electricity costs – is also achieved by Miele with respect to dishwashers. Virtually all models from the G 7000 generation now meet the highly exacting remit for the new top-of-range A energy efficiency rating. In addition, since June, built-in K 7000 refrigerators have been on the market with their new PerfectFresh Active feature to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for longer. Here, humidification with water vapour reduces the frequency of shopping trips and cuts food wastage. “Miele – the company added – is also setting the benchmark for greater sustainability in the kitchen with its two new subsidiaries: Plantcubes from Agrilution bring harvest-fresh herbs and microsalads from one’s own kitchen onto the table. And KptnCook recipes align menus with shopping lists – this, too, is a contribution towards reduced food wastage”. Finally, across product groups, Miele’s current connectivity-enabled domestic appliances support smart energy management.