Falmec marks its first 40 years


Falmec celebrates its 40 year of history, during which it has evolved from a small artisan business in the Treviso area (Northern Italy) to being recognised as a player on the international appliance stage for the production of hoods and related solutions that embrace the world of cooking and air treatment. The activity began in 1981 in the main office in Vittorio Veneto and Falmec can now boast 7 branches in Europe (United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Estonia and Denmark). A number of important accolades affirm the company’s prestige in Italy and the rest of the world, with recent examples including the American Good Design Award and the Compasso d’Oro, both achieved with the Spazio extraction centre. Originating from one of the most flourishing areas in north-eastern Italy, the renowned “inox valley” of Veneto, Falmec joins industrial and artisanal excellence in its Made in Italy production. “Falmec’s commitment and responsibility – said Lorenzo Poser, Falmec’s Sales and Marketing Director – comes from its identity as a family business, its roots in the Italian manufacturing tradition and its conviction that it is possible to grow in a sustainable manner, whilst also respecting people and the surrounding area in order to improve the quality of life and air in our homes”. Continuously expanding, the company has also extended its Vittorio Veneto HQ in recent years, with a new plant of around 3000 square metres housing technologically advanced metalworking machinery. Attention to detail is woven into Falmec’s DNA, leading the company to collaborate with established designers who have worked alongside the in-house team to create innovative objects where scrupulous attention to detail, and research into new technologies, are fundamental aspects.