HOSPITALITY: New investments for the recovery


The growing demand for state-of-the-art terminals for household appliances, first of all induction hobs and electric ovens, drives the industrial policy of Exceedation-Italia for manufacturing performances and release of new products.

by Olivia Rabbi

Not crisis but opportunity that cannot be given up, to be ready to seize fully the boosts of markets’ recovery. This is the strategy of Exceedation-Italia, headquarters at Cavenago Brianza (MB), for about 30 years distributor of the well-known Austrian company ELECTRO-TERMINAL GmBh, an industrial specialization rooted in the production sector of terminals for the household appliance world (starting from state-of-the-art induction hobs and electric ovens for the domestic, professional and lighting sector). The course started by the company today managed by Antonio Fazio consists in new investments addressing the enlargement of production potentialities, with the purchase of new component-moulding machines that allow speeding up the machining process and implementing huge volumes in terms of produced parts, in conformity with the market demand. «The choice springs from the forecast of constant growth of the demand for terminals, according to a trend we could already observe in the course of 2020, with orders that touched an increment by over 50% –Antonio Fazio explains-. The investment in automated assembling plants allows us to face the phase of difficulty deriving from the price rise of raw materials, with consequent slowdown of supplies, and it will allow us to restart promptly, with a functional provisioning scheduling to satisfy in short times the market requirements with suitable production». For 2022, Exceedation-Italia is planning the release of new products by ELECTRO TERMINAL Gmbh included in its range, which will consider the green approach as priority for machining and used materials, as also dictated by the European RoHs directive. «In general, the manufacturing world, starting from building and up to components, looks at the transition from gas to electricity and this set-up will increasingly influence household appliances like the hob or the oven. This is the direction we are pursuing», Fazio ends.