Tecnoinox presents “Core” and “TecnoCompact”


Tecnoinox presented at Host two new products: Core and TecnoCompact. The first is a continuous-top cooking suite with hygienic cabinets. The product has a modular heart: technology, design and flexibility give life to infinite and personalized combinations of equipment, different stainless steel finishes and colours. The practical advantages compared to the consolidated Tecnoinox solutions are given by the increased ease of installation and maintenance, thanks to the supporting plinth and a single access point for the management of utilities, the speed of cleaning, the aesthetic possibilities. Sturdiness is ensured by the 3mm thick AISI304 steel top. Furthermore, compared to a “monobloc” solution, rigid once defined, the equipment inserted in the Core cooking suite can be easily extracted for any extraordinary maintenance or for replacement, without affecting the structure. Each Core project will be subject to a feasibility study, with the advice of the Tecnoinox layout office. Besides, TecnoCompact is the new range of Tecnoinox compact digital electric combined ovens. Characterized by a minimum width (only 50.5 cm), which allows insertion in very confined spaces, the range features GN1/1 ovens with a capacity of 6 or 10 trays, possibly equipped with important standard accessories, such as the multi-point core probe and the automatic washing. “Management of cooking and steam programs, performance, functions are the same as those of larger ovens such as TecnoCombi – the company explains -. In addition, the chamber is watertight with rounded internal edges and the readability of the displays and the lighting of the cooking chamber have been implemented, more effective thanks to the LED lights. Tecnocompact ovens are equipped with a wi-fi antenna for connection to the customer’s network and meet the requirements of Industry 4.0”.