LG honored with 24 awards for innovation ahead of CES 2022


LG Electronics has been recognized with CES 2022 Innovation Awards, collecting a total of 24 accolades. Every year the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) selects the most innovative products among those being unveiled at the organization’s trade show. “For CES 2022, Innovation Award recognitions were extended to the most advanced and unique products among LG’s portfolio for the coming year – the company said -. Most notably, 2022 marks the 10th consecutive year that LG OLED TV has been recognized with a CES Innovation Award, a testament to the advanced technology behind LG’s industry-leading home entertainment product”. LG also received recognition for innovations for its home appliance products including LG InstaView French-Door Refrigerator Objet Collection, LG tiiun, a new concept in indoor gardening, and LG PuriCare Air Purifier Pet featuring Multi-Filtration System with Photocatalytic Deodorization Filter along with a Hepa filter to capture harmful gases, odors, dust and other allergen-causing particles.


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