Rold joins the Microplastics Consortium


Rold is among the companies that are part of the Microplastics Consortium. “Our company has signed the Microplastics Consortium Agreement to conduct a joint study of microplastics in washing machines and measure the release of microplastics to develop a standardised testing methodology for microplastics in washing systems – Rold explains -. Only through collaboration we can achieve the ambitious goals of sustainability and we are very happy to be part of this consortium and contribute to tackle the issues of microplastics, by leveraging the expertise of R-Lab, and sharing our efforts with other 16 members”. The Parties who signed the Microplastics Consortium Agreement range from washing machines manufacturers to detergent and filter manufacturers, to test institutes and test facilities. Given the importance of the role covered by the washing machines manufacturers in the testing, APPLiA was appointed as coordinator of the project as a neutral intermediary and moderator, monitoring compliance with the Parties obligations as well as antitrust rules and acting as contractor for any external suppliers.