Technologies for sustainability in the kitchen… also at Christmas


Technology helps to combat waste in the kitchen even in a period like Christmas when consumers spend more time in this room. To help reduce waste also at Christmas, two companies, one American and the other Italian, offer technological and simple solutions: they are InSinkErator and Zerica, distributed in Italy exclusively for the domestic sector by I&D. InSinkErator proposes the food garbage disposal appliance. This device allows to eliminate food waste by shredding it until it is reduced to a semi-liquid stage. Zerica, on the other hand, offers i-Wall, an appliance that guarantees fresh, sparkling and extremely pure water. It is a system that adapts to any 60 cm kitchen module. It also allows user to fill large-format bottles, has a latest generation color touch screen and allows to adjust the water temperature and the carbonation level. Furthermore, the internet connection offers the possibility to manage the machine remotely, also for the technical assistance. Besides, the Auxilia app allows user to keep consumption under control, avoiding waste and guaranteeing quality.