MECSPE, towards the 2022 edition: the main italian manufacturing fair will be back to Bologna from June 9th to 11th


MECSPE, main exhibition of the Italian manufacturing, will return to BolognaFiere, supported by the great satisfaction expressed by visitors and exhibitors for the first Bolognese experience.


MECSPE is confirmed as an unmissable meeting for all aspects connected with the professional enrichment and training. In 2022, also MECSPE LIVE ACADEMY will be inaugurated, with specific focus on young people.

Made in Italy has been running fast in recent months and Istat data record an important sprint in the last quarter of 2021, with GDP recording +6.5%. Industry confirms itself as the engine of the Italian growth, projecting Italy to the top of the European rankings, in a scenario full of opportunities – such as the opportunity offered by the PNRR – and challenges, first of all the rising energy prices. These are challenges that MECSPE, the fair dedicated to the innovative technologies for the manufacturing industry to be held at BolognaFiere from 9th to 11th June 2022, is ready to face to help the entrepreneurs in their growth path. It is an increasingly important and rich in content event that restarts after the 2021 successful edition, which saw the participation of 2,024 exhibitors (a figure that brought MECSPE to the European podium of the industrial fairs in terms of number of exhibitors in 2021) and 48,562 professional visitors, spread over 92,000 square meters of exhibition space. MECSPE is thus positioned as an important trade fair appointment for the issues related to the industrial innovation, fundamental for the agendas of the buyers, who take part in it above all to meet one or more exhibitors (71%) and to update themselves on the technological innovations of the sector. (43%).
This was revealed by a survey on the Customer Satisfaction, according to which two thirds of the visitors were more than satisfied with the last edition, so much so that they recommended MECSPE to colleagues and professionals in the sector. At the same time, the percentage of exhibitors who consider the annual appointment of MECSPE to be very important for their business has risen. But not only. With respect to achieving their goals, with the participation in MECSPE the exhibitors believe they have effectively consolidated their corporate image (68%), verified the interest in their products (65%) and activated new business relationships (45%).
The visit at MECSPE is therefore an opportunity not only for the business but also for the professional enrichment, useful for the development of one’s business, and is essential for meeting the industry operators, for both visitors and exhibitors. It is precisely on this basis that the new edition restarts, which includes a wide range of thematic insights, many new special initiatives and demonstration areas, activities that have always made the event “unique” for entrepreneurs and professionals. The guidelines of the new edition will be digitalization, sustainability and training, as essential thematic areas for the advancement of the manufacturing sector towards an Industry 4.0 perspective.
Training will be the focus of the MECSPE LIVE ACADEMY, the new demonstration area created together with exhibitors, schools, universities, and thanks to the collaboration, already started in 2021, with the Competence Centers. The MECSPE LIVE ACADEMY will be a space where everyone (and in particular 18-24 year olds) will be able to see closely the functioning of processes involving Machines, Additive Manufacturing, Automation and Robotics, crossing the themes of design, digitization, sustainability and lightening. An opportunity for professional growth integrated with a theoretical path in collaboration with Accademia Tecniche Nuove.
Finally, the 2022 edition will see the support of METEF, the international expo for aluminum, with a proposal of contents in line with the needs of visitors and exhibitors, thanks to the presence of the area dedicated to the metal foundry and innovative material technologies, with exhibition moments and demonstration moments.

The numbers of the last MECSPE edition

48,562 professional visitors, 92,000 sq.m. of exhibition surface, 2,024 companies on show, 2,000 sq.m. of the Exhibition Core Limitless factory, 46 special initiatives and conventions.

MECSPE showrooms 

Machines and Tools – Machine Tools, Equipment, Tools and design Software; Machines, Materials and sheet metal working – Bending, Forming, Cutting, Assembling, Welding, Materials and Software; Digital Factory – Industrial IT, IoT, Industrial Sensors, Cloud-manufacturing, Automated Identification Technologies, Applications, devices, tools and smart components for the process interpretation and interconnection; Logistics – Packaging, Handling, Material handling, Lean manufacturing, Warehouse managerial Software, Supply chain management, Safety Systems, DPI, Outsourcing; Mechanical Subcontracting – Mechanical precision machining, Metal steelworks, Mechanical constructions, Fasteners, Foundries, Small metal parts, Metal wire processing, Industrial subcontracting machining; micro-machining; Electronic Subcontracting – Cem (contract electronics manufacturer), Wirings, Ems (electronics manufacturing service), Pcb (producers of printed circuit boards), Engineering and Design Studies; Eurostampi, Machines and plastic, rubber and composite subcontracting – Plastic material, rubber and composite processing, Machines and plants, Auxiliary equipment, Innovative Materials, Moulding, Extrusion, Packaging, Blowing, Moulds and dies, Normalized components for tools, Design, Simulation and design Software, Micro-machining; Additive Manufacturing –3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Manufacturing, Systems and services for reverse engineering, Additive Technology, Materials, Services, Hardware: printers and 3D scanners, accessories, Design and simulation software; Treatments and Finishes – Plants for the treatment of surfaces, Furnaces, Galvanic, Chemical and electronic processes, Washing, Metallization, Enamelling, Zinc plating, Products and accessories for treatments, Thermal treatments, Painting; Non-ferrous materials and alloys – Processing of non-ferrous materials (Aluminium, Titanium, Magnesium, Light Alloys), Die-castings, Foundries, Industrial subcontracting machining, Technologies, Design, Engineering; Automation and Robotics – Automation and Robotics, Assembling, Mounting and Handling; Control and Quality – Quality control and Certification, Metrology, Measuring Instruments, Lab tests, Calibration, Analysis Equipment, Vision; Power Drive – Mechanical Transmission Gears, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Mechatronics, Motion Control, Maintenance, Compressed Air.

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