The German electro and digital industry in the ZVEI Business Cycle Report


The ZVEI Business Cycle Report (edition February 2022) shows that, also due to bulk orders, the German electro and digital industry once again collected 34.1% more new orders in December 2021 than a year earlier. Domestic and foreign bookings were up by 42.0% and 27.6% in the last month of the last year, respectively. Euro area customers raised their orders by 19.8% compared to December 2020. At the same time, bookings from third countries rose by 32.0%. Hence, for the full last year an increase in new orders by 23.9% is registered in the books. Bookings from domestic customers picked up by one fifth (+20.1%). New orders from abroad were 27.0% up. While new orders from euro zone clients advanced by 23.1% last year, customers from third countries raised their bookings by 29.2%. Output (adjusted for price) of electrical and electronic products was up by 3.4% (year over year) in December. In the overall last year it, therewith, grew by 8.8%. Thus, the 2020 loss (of -6%) was more than compensated. For 2022 the ZVEI awaits the sector’s real production to grow by 4%. Sales of the domestic electro and digital industry amounted to €18.1bn in December 2021, leaving them 8.5% higher than a year earlier. Revenues from businesses with domestic and foreign clients rose by 12.6% (to €8.7bn) and 5.1% (to €9.4bn), Businesses with euro zone customers increased only slightly in December by 1.2% to €3.1bn. In contrast, turnover with clients from third countries grew by 7.0% to €6.3bn. With it, in the full last year the sector’s aggregated sales soared by 9.7% to an all-time high of €199.5bn. Businesses with foreign customers (+10.5% to €105.7bn) thereby exceeded sales to domestic business partners (+8.9% to €93.8bn) by twelve billion euro. Turnover with euro area clients advanced by 8.3% to €37.7bn in 2021. Eventually, revenues from sales to third countries were 11.7% up from 2020 and came to €68.0bn.