Oweld oxy-hydrogen gas generators for brazing: the choice of Bomat


Oxyweld, with Oweld brand, was founded in Italy in 1981. With the years the company established itself as a successful manufacturer of oxy-hydrogen gas generators for brazing in the HVAC-R industry. The Oweld oxy-hydrogen gas generator, called also water gas generator, converts distilled water into oxygen and hydrogen gases. Thanks to its experience and global presence with 8000 installations, the company today supports many producers in more than 75 countries.
One of these producers is Bomat S.r.l., Italian company established in 1992 as designer and producer of special equipments and automations. This activity was later developed into the division of metallic bending production for refrigeration application, air conditioning, heating, heat pumps, piping systems and plants for liquids and gases in general. Recognized as manufacturer of high quality products, Bomat is nowadays a reference point for many big producers in the field.
In 2021 Bomat decided to abandon the old gas cylinders of oxygen and acetylene and invest in Oweld brazing system composed by one Oweld oxy-hydrogen gas generator model 30000HD, “HD” means heavy duty, (with a capacity of 7500 liters of gas per hour) and 4 brazing stations positioned in different areas of the factory. This centralized unit, with 150 meters of gas pipeline, covers totally their brazing needs continuously for eight hours a day, every day.

Oweld oxy-hydrogen gas generator model 30000HD. On the left side of the gas generator, the Osmi50, a device able to turn normal tap water into good distilled water.

“The care and the attention for the environment and for our collaborators are important part of our work – said Marco Boraso, Technical Manager and Owner of Bomat – therefore it became an inside value of our working system. We have chosen Oxyweld as partner for our brazing activities because it is a green and safe technology that helped us to increase the safety standard. We have raised the bar also with quality, providing stronger and cleaner brazed joints to our customers. Each Oweld brazing station is equipped with an electronic backfire arrestor that helps operator prevent backfires, a start-up unit-economizer device that guides operator in saving gas and the electronic pressure regulator, a device to adjust the pressure”. “In our process – continues Marco Boraso – we braze different materials like copper, brass and steel pipes, from OD 1.8mm capillary up to OD 42mm”. Shifting from a system to another is often challenging but Oxyweld provided a turnkey support, from the initial consultancy to on-site installation to get the best from the new equipment and strong operators training to achieve the highest brazing performance.

Oweld brazing station. Includes, from the top: start-up/economizer unit to switch on/off the flame automatically and in safety; flashback arrestor to protect the operator from backfires and pressure regulator to set the requested pressure.
Brazing with Oweld double tip nozzle for a homogeneous and focused heating.
Final circuit brazed with Oweld technology.