Zerica presents Omnia


Zerica presents the compact water dispenser Omnia. This product is entirely Made in Italy: it was originally developed for office use, but it’s ideal also for domestic use and for the hotels. Besides, zero maintenance is required thanks to Zerica’s Silver Turbo Clean refrigeration system that cleans as it dispenses. With this technology, a water vortex is generated on the internal walls whenever water is dispensed so preventing biofilm and residue formation and bacteria proliferation. Bacteriostatic silver seals the stainless-steel cooling chamber for even greater peace of mind. The product is 25cm wide and has an extra-height dispensing area that continuously dispenses up to 3 jugs of chilled or sparkling water. Omnia is quiet and made of galvanised stainless steel with an anti-scratch coating. In Italy the product is distributed by I&D.