Electrolux: new 700 Series refrigerators with GreenZone drawer


The innovative GreenZone drawer, present in the new Electrolux 700 Series built-in refrigerators, retains up to 95% of the food vitamins after 11 days. Thanks to its hermetic closure, the drawer preserves nutrients, taste and consistency of fruit and vegetables: the sealed environment prevents the excess of condensation and maintains the right amount of humidity. The product is equipped with the TwinTech Total No Frost technology, characterized by two independent cooling systems, and the FreeStore ventilation system, thanks to which the cold air circulates uniformly inside the fridge. In addition, the SpinView smart shelf rotates 360° in both directions, making it easy to find even the ingredients positioned in the rear areas of the refrigerator. Other pluses of the product are: the removable and separable FlexiShelf (it slides back or extends completely or only halfway to make room for taller products) and the HolidayMode and FastFreeze functions.