Somipress burners for household gas appliances

Somipress triple crown burner

Somipress realizes several types of burners for household gas appliances: high power, double crown and dual, triple crown and dual, fish kettle, flat, semi-flat and standard. The company also manufactures camper burners, burners developed for the Chinese market and customized burners. Somipress has been producing for more than 40 years components in die casted aluminium for the household appliances, automotive and mechanical industries. “In Somipress – the company explains – the product development in co-design with the customer guides the whole process. Each project is followed by an integrated work group who ensure the highest attention to details and the implementation of the most effective and efficient solutions. Modern simulation software are the basis of our company processes and the die casting molds are designed and built directly in-house. Somipress has its own toolmaking shop and this is essential for aluminum die casting operations. Thanks to this soft molds, prototypes and B/C-samples can be provided as well”. The aluminum die casting process is operated by fully automated machines with closing force between 420t and 850t, using 5 different alloys. All the manufacturing equipment is integrated in the company Information System where data from the transformation of raw material to finished goods are tracked and documented in real time.