Well A5, the new Electrolux air purifier with smart technology


The peculiarity of Well A5, the new Electrolux air purifier, is the purification system in three phases, which allows to capture up to 99.93% of harmful particles with a size equal to 2.5 microns (μm) (PM2.5). The air flow system is equipped with a 360-degree inlet along all edges of the front panel, a 3D fan and an advanced air filtration, which allows user to purify the room in just 7 minutes. In addition, the product is equipped with smart technology: Well A5, thanks to specific sensors, automatically adjusts the cleaning speed according to the values of particles (PM1, 2.5, 10) and organic compounds detected in the air. Through a LED sensor it is possible to check the indoor air quality thanks to the different shades of color: from brown, which corresponds to a bad quality, to a good level with yellow, up to green which is equivalent to the best air condition. Through the Electrolux Wellbeing App it is possible to program the appliance remotely. Not requiring installations and being very light, this model can be transported anywhere and is also silent: 24 db (A). Finally, the Kvadrat fabric cover, made entirely with recycled PET bottles, can be changed with other models, which can be purchased separately, depending on the preferences.