Elica lands in EuroCucina/FTK with “LHOV”, a 3-in-1 solution


LHOV is conceived and designed by Fabrizio Crisà, Chief Design Officer of Elica. Launched at EuroCucina/FTK, it is a 3-in-1 solution that combines hob, hood and oven. LHOV is a completely new category of product, compact, powerful and automated, fully expressing the drive for innovation that has always characterized Elica. This innovation fits perfectly with the strategic path of the Group, which focuses on the growth of own-brand and top-of-the-range products with the goal to reach 60% on total revenues of the Cooking segment (55% in 2021, 52% in 2019). “We are experiencing a real revolution – said Francesco Casoli, Chairman of Elica – that is firmly rooted in our pillars: design, creativity, innovation and quality. My father, Ermanno, was a visionary in the household appliance sector, developing the cooker hood market. Today, we are carrying on this tradition and, fifty years later, it is being enriched with new elements and places us once again as pioneers, giving our customers a new experience of the domestic space and in particular in cooking. The company is now stronger to take on further challenges market wise and in the search for new products. I am very proud to present a product, LHOV, that expresses all of Elica’s values and will contribute to strengthen our leadership on a global level”. “The ability to innovate systems and designs allowed us to create a unique, revolutionary product never seen in the market before, LHOV, which breaks the rules of the kitchen industry, thus opening up to a new more functional, enjoyable, intuitive, sustainable ‘cooking experience’, meeting the expectations of our most demanding customers – added Giulio Cocci, CEO of Elica –. This product fits perfectly with our strategic focus on the Cooking segment, a path undertaken some time ago through the success of the NikolaTesla aspiration hob. And, thanks to our relationships with the most important distributors and kitchen manufacturers in the world and a widespread business network, we believe that it can further ‘boost’ our market positioning worldwide”.