Faber launches the K-LINK technology

Faber Heaven Light Pro

Faber’s K-LINK technology creates a smart connection between induction hob and hood through an integrated system that works with radio waves. Thanks to a simple gesture, hob and hood are connected and communicate with each other, allowing a continuous flow in the preparation of the recipes, without having to stop to set the power of the hood based on that of the hob. The system, always active because the radio signal is never interrupted (not even in the presence of dirt residues on the hob), guarantees the perfect functionality of the hood, at the same time avoiding the waste of energy and decreasing the excess of noise that can occur by setting the suction at an excessive level compared to the fumes produced. There are several models featuring this technology, such as the ceiling hoods Heaven 2.0, Heaven Glass 2.0 Flat, Heaven Light Pro and Heaven Air.