50 years of expertise in the moulding of electric plugs


Born with the propensity for the moulding of electric plugs, still today Satiplugs proceeds on this way, amplifying the values in compliance with all that surrounds reality «offering the best of our focus to customers and to suppliers».

Schuko 16 A- 250 V angled plug – IEC 60320 C13 angled connector

In 1972 it was established the company Satiplugs srl, with manufacturing area and headquarters at Sesto Calende, Varese. The manufacturing choice was immediately based on the moulding of plastic material and, in the specific case, of electric plugs overmoulded to the power supply/power cable. In the activity period from 1972 to 2022, they produced various typologies of regularly approved plugs for European and non-European Countries, supplying all trade sectors that provide for the use of an electric power supply equipped with cable die-cast plug. Electric plugs are completed by the manufacturing of IEC connectors, well-introduced in the household appliance trade sector. Therefore, the current calendar year coincides with the fiftieth year of the company’s establishment, which has already accomplished its generational turnover successfully: currently, daughters manage the company. «Despite the particular period we are living on a world scale, Satiplugs still succeeds in maintaining important quality and manufacturing levels, also due to the partnership with its historical national suppliers, which allow us to define with pride that our production is Made in Italy».