Not only cast iron


High-quality outsourcing for household appliance brands due to the problem-solving approach and to the strategic supervision of the whole production process.

Established in Genoa in 2004, TB Engineering is a consulting and trading company that proposes itself as partner to improve and to optimize manufacturing companies’ provisioning process in several industrial sectors.
The problem-solving approach with which it manages and coordinates a network of suppliers on a “global scale” in the search for the best product and the best manufacturer, reducing labour and raw material costs, is completed by TB with the support to customers during the whole development in co-design of the engineering process of specific products.
From design to sampling and up to the supply of the finished component, the company relies on a structured staff to support customers during the evolution of each product, giving them all feedbacks and suggestions concerning the feasibility, the possible modifications in terms of optimization and final performances.
Specialized in time in the household appliance field, TB Engineering can supply high added-value solutions for both big and medium-small enterprises, with an array of components that are afterwards assembled in manufacturing lines in Italy and in Europe.
Already «leader in the market of cast iron grids for stoves», in recent years it has widened the range of products that equip hobs, adding a broad range of elements. In the catalogue or purposely manufactured upon specific demands, it supplies mechanical and electro-mechanical components, made of plastic, silicone or ceramic such as timers, ceramic heating elements, hobs and toasters.
Selected foundries and its technical staff carry out all tests on the plate support before the delivery to ensure the demanded quality to customers (thermal shock test, saline mist chamber, dimensional controls and so on). The proposal pays in fact particular attention to technical and quality issues, as well as to the technological developments that are assuming growing importance in the competitive context.
Moreover, the company offers a complete logistic service, proposing direct deliveries in containers or through the warehouse located in Reggio Emilia province, and in any case following the provisioning flow of its logistic hubs up to the customer’s assembling line.
Considered the present different crisis areas in the world geopolitical context, recently TB Engineering has also released some projects to be able to rely on a higher geographical differentiation of value chains and provisioning sources. Opportunity that for Italian companies results in the possibility of not having to delocalize their activities or part of them. The future projects in the household appliance sector will aim at a consolidation and at a further growth of internal and external lines.