Cosberg: custom assembly solutions


Assembly on demand with innovative plants, Cosberg integrates and perfects the industrial value chain for augmented productivity.

Today, enhanced productivity and excellent reliability are within the reach of industries and manufacturers due to the drastic downtime reduction and the full control of consumptions and costs that can be achieved with Cosberg “Ready To Run” solutions: highly innovative flexible assembly plants, which are more efficacious on the market.
Since 1982 the company, which is headquartered at Terno D’isola (BG), has studied, designed and manufactured machines and modules for the automation of assembly processes with technological solutions that can reach almost uninterrupted production rates and unique process versatility that replicates detail operations optimized by tailored attention.
Cosberg tailor-designs and manufactures plants of notable technical complexity, ingenuity and innovation, for applicative ambits that range from furniture hardware to household appliance components and from automotive componentry to electromechanics. The intrinsic know-how in its solutions derives from 40 years of studies and researches carried out also in collaboration with companies, universities, research centres and technological transfer, offering customized machines to the market as result of the combination of mechatronic modules that, in time, have been standardized, with high reliability degree, and at the same time made reconfigurable for different product typologies or assembly process requirements.

Cosberg plant for the assembly of metal accessories, able to assemble 1,400 pieces/hour

To satisfy at best customers’ single requirements, Cosberg deals with projects by using the “Pit Stop” philosophy, the concept that reduces machine downtimes, in the changeover or during ordinary maintenance, and it allows maintaining high production levels, quickly performing also testing and ramp-up. A guaranteed manufacturing strategy that compares Cosberg solutions’ efficacy to the tire change speed of a racing car: also in industrial ambit, the set-up times of a plant, minimized, are fundamental to reach the maximum profitability milestone. Everything to share in the efficiency-enhancement of the production cycle, to facilitate and to simplify assembly steps and successive phases, to reduce costs and to speed up the time to market of the final product and so to perfect the customer’s value chain, increasing its competitive edge.
In order to obtain this result, Cosberg’s constructive orientation subtract innervates cutting-edge technologies that have been studied in their entirety, from both the hardware and software point of view, also to create easy-to-run systems. The machine, like a smartphone, must be user-friendly for the operator, at the same time maintaining high use flexibility and reliability.
Cosberg machines are conceived to be “Ready To Run”, because already since the first day they have been able to qualitatively and quantitively produce what the customer has invested for. Choosing Cosberg technology allows achieving immediate advantages, relying on a plant installed in a short time (max 2 days) with a ramp – up (start of full production) 4 hours after the installation. Everything assessed by remote control systems that allow testing plants objectively, monitoring their operation, maintenance and limiting consumptions. Moreover, modularity and reconfigurability are design preliminary assumptions to carry out a fast plant revamping, in other words introducing new product ranges in short times and at low costs.

Use of Cosberg anthropomorphic robots for the part loading and handling on the plant

As enhancement of this strategic approach, assembly phases in Cosberg solutions are supported by smart tools, aimed at optimizing, orienting and assessing the machining since the early stages and under different respects. Single assembly stations can in fact be equipped with conformity controls and verifications of operations through vision systems, mechanical probes and force or torque detection systems, which share in a final quality result. Then, synergistically comes into play the software “Cosberg4Machine” that optimizes the whole manufacturing cycle, permitting the real-time control of all production data, efficiency, quality and availability of the single workstation or of the whole machine, plant and entire factory, too. “Cosberg4Machine” software, web-based system, allows connecting and controlling from remote, from any device and place, the performances of connected plants, as well as providing instantaneous support to customers in case of eventual problems, reducing machine downtimes and at the same time decreasing commuting. The same software is used for the machine testing, which can be carried out from remote as well as technicians’ training.
«The most convincing factors that lead customers to choose Cosberg include the flexibility of its solutions, combined with fast and user-friendly changeovers, which often must satisfy the need of matching numerous product configurations. Complex components, modules fully studied and manufactured by Cosberg for a single customer, such as power supply groups, spring untangling systems, piece handling units are designed to be shared by different sectors and standardized to address more productions».

Cosberg special riveting units that allow riveting 4 rivets simultaneously

Some embed critical aspects to determine the quality of the final assembled product. In particular screwing and riveting systems, driven by brushless motors that enable a real-time control of process parameters, such as height, speed, force or torque. The standardization simplifies their use, facilitating set-up and maintenance – without necessarily turning to expert technicians – strongly shortening downtimes, according to the full Pit-Stop philosophy.
Moreover, riveting has the property of suiting the various dimensional tolerances of the single components to be assembled, such as pins, cams or rivets, with the final result of obtaining constant compliant machining (always in tolerance), according to specifications demanded by the customer and so avoiding possible rejects. Mounted on Cartesian axes, the unit has motion freedom in the space to carry out more riveting operations.
These systems, combined with our long expertise in several sectors and the unceasing investment in Research and Development, allow us to ensure innovative efficient solutions that find particular application in the sector of household appliance components, too.