Faber: Steam Off System and Zero Drip against condensation


Faber realizes hoods equipped with systems to counteract the condensation that is formed during cooking with an induction hob: the Steam Off System and Zero Drip technology. Steam Off System is characterized by a double action of the air that totally eliminates the condensation effect. The hood sucks in and at the same time emits jets of air that create swirls and acceleration, favoring the conveyance and capture of the steam. Zero Drip, in its basic and Plus version, is instead designed to stop condensation after it has formed. In the first case, the condensate is collected in a groove preventing it from falling onto the hob; in the second case, the condensate evaporates thanks to the contact with the specially heated surfaces. The Zero Drip Plus technology is activated by pressing a button, which in turn activates a thermos-resistance thanks to which the condensate evaporates. In the picture, the Ilma Touch hood with Steam Off System. The class A product has touch controls, 2 LED lights and dishwasher safe grease filters.