Aspiring to perfection


High quality standard from the Product Development to product testing, to create cutting-edge systems in symbiosis with Italian style and design.

Creating unique innovative and user-friendly products, able to match quality, design and detail care: from Fabriano district in Marche where a relevant part of the hood manufacturing is concentrated, the international propensity of B.S. Service company, specialized in the production of suction systems and hobs, is getting stronger and stronger. Established in 2001, the company has an OEM character but it has established itself on the market also with its own marks, such as UNIQA for the high-end range and Tecnowind for its low and medium range. Relying on its expertise in the research and design of plants with high technological content, B.S. SERVICE operates on many world markets, in particular in EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) area, but also APAC (Asia Pacific), LATAM (Latin America) and Russia. Besides, for four years, after the takeover of Tecnowind, it has had a manufacturing site also at Arad, in Romania, where the manufacturing conforms to the principles and methods adopted in Italy, to assure the same quality to its customers.

OCEANO suction hob of UNIQA range: cooking system with steam and smell uptake, with patent that allows modulating the suction in the desired cooking zone.

“Prompt response to the market and manufacturing flexibility represent some of our highlights in a global market that increasingly searches for reactivity”, underlined Lorenzo Biagini, CEO of B.S. Service. Two in-house laboratories, one intended for research and development and the other for quality tests of products and components, allow the company to be always in the forefront, also due to the investments in R&D and innovation, with highly evolved systems for the test phase. Investing in the purchase of new tools with more and more advanced technology today allows us to achieve a better measurement accuracy, with higher data precision and reliability”, underlines the CEO of B.S. Service. “We have enlarged some testing areas of our laboratory for a higher autonomy in the tests with highly evolved test benches”. Two test benches are chosen by B.S. Service to permit the company to shorten the time to market and to obtain more efficiency, gaining competitiveness on the market: Airflow Test Bench and Grease Test Bench by the Italian company 3P Engineering.

Lorenzo Biagini, CEO of B.S. Service.

“Both systems are used to analyse the phase 2 of the Product Development, that is to say the functional and performance assessment of new products, with the goal of ascertaining whether what expected in performances is confirmed”, explains Francesco Cagiano, Laboratory Manager of B.S. Service. “Besides relying on a user-friendly intuitive interface, their automation in the test execution facilitates the task of the operator who must not constantly attend the test, so being allowed performing other tasks in the meantime, even if with the guarantee of best accuracy of test and of results”.

Francesco Cagiano, Laboratory Manager of BS Service.

Developed according to Industry 4.0, the Airflow Test Bench by 3P Engineering carries out the performance measurement in terms of airflow, pressure, electric power and number of revolutions, in conformity with ISO 5801, ISO 5167, IEC/EN 61591 and AMCA 210 regulations. It allows decreasing times and costs of a large number of tests, achieving more efficiency due to the automated reports of test end performances. “An interesting advantage resides in the opportunity of obtaining reports compliant with the new future directives for the energy labelling of hoods, due to the expandability of software updates”, Francesco Cagiano underlines. “Moreover, the Airflow Test bench shares in a reduction of the energy consumption, since more efficient than the previous system that was used in the company”.

Ceiling LIGHTLINE of UNIQA range: smell uptake system, integrated into the ceiling, with elegant perimeter LED lighting system.

Both technical and economic benefits derive also from the other system with which B.S. Service has decided equipping its in-house laboratory: the Grease Test Bench. “It allows more flexibility in the study of different technical solutions aimed at increasing the filtering in our products”, the Laboratory manager of B.S. Service adds. “Fast test execution, reduction of response times for R&D projects, reduction of responses to customers’ specific demands are the main advantages we have assessed with the Grease Test bench”.
The Grease Test Bench combines technological know-how and the most in-depth operational knowledge also because, like the Airflow Bench, is daily used by the accredited Test Laboratory of 3P Engineering (ACCREDIA LAB N° 1537 L ISO/IEC 17025), where hobs with integrated suction and kitchen hoods by primary market leaders in the Cooking sector on a world scale are tested.

KA1080 BS SERVICE range: wall-mounted model, with passive system in the noise reduction, magnetic filters and Led lights with Kelvin regulation.

Saving up to 70% of the operator’s time and relying at any time on an advanced system to carry out in-house tests make the Grease Test bench a strategic solution for all companies that intend to reduce costs and times of a large number of tests for the measurement of the Grease Absorption Factor (GF) of IEC/EN 61591 kitchen hoods, and hobs with integrated suction. Prearranged for the installation of wall-mounted, isle and downdraft hoods (up to 180 cm of width), the Grease Test Bench can be used not only in the system approval phase but since the R&D stage, testing the prototype characteristics in evolution and so orienting the company to the perfect implementation, then proceeding with specific tests according to the regulation, on the final product.

CUBE model of BS SERVICE range: chandelier-like isle, which allows having different aesthetical finishes to harmonize the product inside the kitchen.

Advantages in the operational management for both the Grease Bench and the Airflow Bench, due to the advanced 3P Labware software platform developed by 3P Engineering, which makes work simpler and faster: with user-friendly interface, it allows obtaining a notable efficiency gain, through the complete management of test cycles by means of test setup database and the automated creation of test reports on customizable formats.

The Grease Test Bench by 3P Engineering measures the Grease Absorption Factor (GF) of kitchen hoods and suction hobs according to EN IEC 61591.

“From the corporate point of view, we have assessed a reduction of R&D costs and certainly of the time to market, as well as autonomy advantages, since it is no longer necessary to turn to tests in outsourcing”, Lorenzo Biagini, CEO of B.S. Service, ends. “For the future, we expect the widening of our laboratory, introducing also the chamber for the odour efficiency measurement that will allow us to achieve utmost precision also in this test category and implement products that are more and more expression of a high qualitative standard, in symbiosis with the Italian style and design”.

The Airflow Test Bench by 3P Engineering allows the measurement of performances (flow rate, pressure, electric power and number of revolutions) in conformity with ISO 5801, ISO 5167, and according to ENIEC 61591.