Electro-Terminal: focus on the injection molding department


Electro-Terminal is a specialist for electromechanical connectors and system components for the household appliance industry, lighting applications, and the building installation sector. In its plastics processing department, the housings for the electrical connection terminals, among other things, are injection molded from raw granulate. “Our department has a total of 17 workers – the department manager of Injection Molding explains –. Three of them are employed as maintenance technicians for injection molds, two take care of the maintenance of the machines, and the remaining 12 employees work alternately in 3-shift production, seven days a week. Some employees, both skilled workers and career changers, have been with the company for 15 years and more. On 31 injection molding machines, 45 different plastics are processed. Even cold sprue waste is reused. We ground it in-house and return it to the production cycle. We care for the environment: step by step, the hydraulic injection molding machines at ET are being converted to electric machines. This has two advantages: on the one hand, less hydraulic oil is consumed, which benefits our environment. On the other hand, the noise level in production is minimized. In general, this modernization also reduces electricity consumption, as electric machines are more energy-efficient than the old hydraulic systems. For years now, the radiated heat from the machines has been fed into our building heating system, so we do not need any external resources for heating”.