Cable connection boxes: KADO XT and KADO HD models from Electro-Terminal


Pursuing a logic of constant improvement, Electro-Terminal announced that the cable connection boxes KADO XT and KADO HD will replace the KADO K 1/6 and KADO K 1/5 models. “Since their market launch in 2006 – the company explains –, KADO K 1/6 & KADO K 1/5 have reliably supplied power to household appliances. But as with everything in life, at some point the old must give way to the new. That’s why these two product groups will be discontinued in the fall/winter of 2024. They will be replaced by KADO XT and the brand-new KADO HD”. The main characteristics of these new products are: user-friendly strain relief due to snap-in locking mechanism, suitable for test fixtures directly on the contact point or through test holes, same cutout pattern for KADO K 1/6, KADO K 1/5, KADO XT and KADO HD, and special design of the earth-tag for a secure connection. Besides, KADO HD has a low installation height.