ILVA Glass: sharpness of the LED control panel in the glass ceramic hobs


As highlighted by ILVA Glass (glass components for the household appliance sector), the hobs with control panels are increasingly feature-rich and therefore more articulated and complex than in the past. “Alongside the indispensable functions such as the on/off button or the controls for adjusting the cooking power – the company explains –, there are often also controls to adjust the ignition and power of the hood, cooking timer, different functions and indicators: in short, the hob now seems to require not only a control panel, but a real functional interface that places sets of information at the service of the end users to guide them in daily use. At present, the luminous LEDs on the glass ceramic often have an ‘orange peel’ optical effect due to the characteristics of the material, and in particular to the rear screening of the glass ceramic panel which ensures full mechanical resistance. On the other hand, however, this limits the achievement of an optimal result from the point of view of the legibility and sharpness of the commands and the luminous icons”. For this reason, the ILVA Glass R&D department has implemented a specific 4K technology in the ELECTA glass ceramic hobs, which – safeguarding the physical-mechanical requirements of the hob – allows to have extremely defined and sharp luminous icons, even on very small scales. “This innovation – the company says – allows new design possibilities, limiting for example the screen printing of signs and indicators and replacing them with light signals, which are activated only when necessary, leaving the top completely ‘silent’ when it is off”. The production of ELECTA glass ceramic is entrusted to Novatech Ltd, the ILVA Glass Group company that deals with raw materials. ILVA Glass has been producing for over 20 years glass ceramic cooktops with a particular composition specially designed for cooking applications in the household appliance sector.