GfK: winning products and new consumer needs

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

As part of the event “GfK Insight Summit Italy. Time to act”, Fabrizio Marazzi (Regional Lead Market Intelligence West & South Europe, GfK Italia) and Sabrina Melinu (Customer Success Director & Sales Effectiveness Lead, GfK Italia) took stock of how to design products and services aligned with new needs of consumers. The pandemic years have led many people to explore new passions, from cooking to do-it-yourself, from gardening to entertainment at home. Some of these have faded away or transformed, while others have become stable phenomena, which still offer numerous opportunities for companies and retailers. GfK’s research shows an increase in time dedicated to oneself, which translates into greater attention to the theme of well-being (even for the food) and a growth in consumption related to leisure time. In recent months, inflation and rising energy costs have led many people to change their habits and purchases. However, there are also segments of consumers more oriented towards Premium and connectable products, who continue to buy despite everything.