S&RIND: capillary thermostats for cold


The thermoregulation products, proposed by S&RIND, are divided into various categories: Firt-Prodigy capillary thermostats, T&P series capillary thermostats, standard temperature probes, Mazurczak series temperature probes, thermoregulators, static relays and temperature control panels. In particular, the capillary thermostats for cold are components suitable for controlling, regulating and limiting the temperature in liquid and gaseous media. Said thermostats consist of capillary elements, sensitive elements, fixing elements and thermostatic bodies. “The capillary elements – S&RIND explains – are ‘coupled’ to sensitive elements (bulbs) and to the fastening elements (threaded nipples, flanges, etc.). The capillary elements and sensitive elements are filled with expanding liquids which guarantee the bulbs excellent sensitivity to changes in temperatures in the environments in which they are inserted. The capillary elements and the bulbs are made of copper. The fixing elements can be made of brass or stainless steel. The ‘couplings’ between the capillary elements, the sensitive elements and the fastening elements are obtained with welding systems (brazing or tig). The capillary ‘assemblies’, bulbs and fixing elements are assembled to the thermostatic bodies. These assemblies are obtained thanks to the use of automatic machines, equipment and systems. The use of ‘precious’ metal alloys such as stainless steel, the use of innovative machines, equipment and systems for the manufacture and filling of sensitive elements, the adoption of the most modern welding systems, combined with the adoption of more modern equipment for the testing of the product, guarantee the manufacture of products with high performance and a high level of quality and reliability. These thermostats can be made according to the customer’s technical specifications and have the relative kit (screws, ring nuts, plate and knobs) on request”.