New portable air conditioners and purifiers by Electrolux

Comfort 600 air conditioner

Electrolux has developed two new lines of portable air conditioners and purifiers (Comfort 600 and Pure Multi 700), equipped with wheels and side handles for easy transport. A quick installation characterizes the five new air conditioners that present cooling power of 9,000 BTU, 3 speeds and R290 ecological gas. In addition, Electrolux has also created the Premium window kit, for optimal window insulation, which allows to save up to 28% more energy. All appliances are programmable with settings that can be personalized as needed, using the remote control and digital display or the Electrolux App. Other pluses of these products are the Sleep Mode, the low noise level – which reaches 60.3 dB(A) in the EXP26U759CW model – and the heating system in the EXP26U559HW and EXP26U339HW versions. As for the two new purifiers of the Pure Multi 700 line, they are useful not only for allergy sufferers but also for ventilating the room thanks to a special function that allows user to choose between 3 speeds. The Pure2Me system delivers a flow of fresh and clean air thanks to the advanced HEPA technology, capable of filtering up to 99.97% of particles equal to 0.3 microns (μm), neutralizing viruses and bacteria. Also for the purifiers, the Electrolux app allows consumers to have information about indoor air quality at any time and to adjust the settings or to program the operation of the appliance.