Francesca Polti is one of the three new Vice-presidents of Confindustria Como


Francesca Polti, CEO and President of Polti SpA, has been appointed Vice-president of Confindustria Como, with responsibility for Industrial Relations, Welfare and People until 2027. “I face this new adventure with determination, enthusiasm and, quoting the words of the President Gianluca Brenna, with the courage to change – declared Francesca Polti -. The role of Vice-president, with responsibility for Industrial Relations, Welfare and People, will allow me to promote issues that I consider very important: an inclusive corporate culture that values variety, encourages the skill development and creates opportunities for everyone. The key words that President Brenna identified to define his mandate were: continuity, sustainability, education, alliances and change. I am sure that together with all the members of the Presidential Council we will work in this spirit”.