Techtronics: compensated chokes in horizontal version


Techtronics offer includes compensated chokes in horizontal version. “These products – the company explains – enable space economising, flat printed circuit board assembly. All choke types conform to the guidelines of EN 60938-2 and also bear the test label. In combination with suitable capacitors, high quality interference suppression filters against parasite interference influence are achieved”. Main application fields are: general purpose filtering of parasite disturbance factors, above all with asymmetric interferences (e.g. in frequency converters, switch mode power supplies, automotive electronics, etc). “Optimum adaptation of core materials and technical design – the company adds – guarantee the best possible compliance with the world-wide high requirements with the smallest volume. The simple construction enables high performance parameters with the smallest heat developement and an optimum price performance ratio. The customer has a choice of four closed housings”. In the picture, the model CCSP CASE TYPE 15 (CCSP-6215-0103).