Robot vacuum cleaner 600 by Electrolux: compact and high-tech

Electrolux 600 robot vacuum cleaner, model ER61UW1DG

The new 600 robot vacuum cleaner by Electrolux is available in three models (ER61UW1DG, ER61UW1DB and ER61UD1UG). This appliance allows user not only to program the day and time of activation, but also to remotely monitor the work directly from an app. Thanks to the navigation technology that uses the combined action of gyroscopes and integrated camera, the robot vacuum cleaner organizes its work. It autonomously follows the optimal trajectories and passes without difficulty from hard floors to carpets, overcoming obstacles up to 15 mm in height and ensuring 120 consecutive minutes of operation with a full battery charge. In addition, the suction power can be adjusted on three levels. With its height of only 78 mm it reaches the narrow spaces and the charging base is also compact in size. The ER61UW1DB and ER61UW1DG versions have a washing function and the latter model is also equipped with automatic recharge: when the battery drops below 20%, the robot returns autonomously to the base, to then resume the cleaning process once the charging is complete. Finally, Electrolux has set up a 2-layer filtering system in the new robots.